• What is the accessory for board game

    By accessories, we mean any things that make board games more convenient and interesting, but are not inserts (organizers)
    Accessories are completely different. Some are even part of the inserts (organizer)

    We understand that not everyone can or wants to purchase a whole insert (organizer) and that is why we sell some independent components as accessories. For example, player boards and some dicetowers

    Meeplow (pillow with shape of Meeple)

    Decorative accessory

    Player board

    Directly involved in the game

  • Why some of accessories we sell in separate categories, but not in accessories

    It's simple. We try to separate popular accessories, the number of which is constantly growing, by categories in the store for ease of search

  • What other accessories will be

    We are looking for new interesting materials and ideas that can be used in the development of accessories
    The problem is that it takes a terrible amount of time to search. You need to study and debug the technology before releasing completely new products
    Now we are developing neoprene playmats. In the future, we will definitely make other accessories using thermal transfer (sublimation)
    We will definitely make metal coins. We have already begun to make them, but here everything turned out to be a little more complicated than we expected. We do not want to sell the raw product