• What is the insert (organizer) for board game

    Insert (organizer) for board game is a construction that consist of boxes, it fits inside of the original box of the game
    Each tray makes for the specific component, in some cases for few of them

  • Why the insert (organizer) for board game needed

    After the components will be laid out you will always understand where and what will be
    Preparing for a game will no longer be a long process
    The contents of the box take a well-groomed and noble appearance.

    The board game without insert
    The board game with insert (organizer)
  • How to choose insert (organizer) for board game

    First you need to compare the internal size of the box from the game with the dimensions of the assembled insert (organizer) (they are indicated in the main characteristics of the product). If the box is smaller on either side, then this organizer will not fit
    Next, you need to look at what expansions you have and whether the insert (organizer) is compatible with them. It happens that for a certain set of expansions one version of the insert (organizer) is better suited, and for a different set a different version, we write about such things in the product description

  • Which sleeves to use with insert (organizer) for board game

    The most part of our inserts (organizers) we make compatible with sleeves, but it not always possible
    If there is no information about sleeves compatibility in description well most likely it don't, you can ask us in chat
    We indicate the support of protectors in the product description as follows - 'Compatible with card in sleeves till 94x70 mm', which means that the external size of the sleeve should not exceed the specified dimensions
    There are many different sleeves in the world and we don’t test them all on our inserts (organizers), so we don’t specify the models of supported sleeves

  • What's the difference between the insert (organizer) and the box for board game

    Box is the plywood crate which has built-in insert (organizer). All components fits inside of the box, instead of the original game box
    Also in this category are mini-boxes for cards. They have acrylic dividers, so it is similar to covered cardholder

    One of the main advantages of box is its main drawback. Box replaces the original box of the game and in this case it must either be stored separately or thrown away, which of course is suitable mainly for those whose box has already lost its appearance
    Box provides greater protection of the components of the board game due to the robust construction and gives it a completely unique look. But there is a minus, due to the fact that boxing is made of thick plywood, its weight is about two times more than that of the insert (organizer)

    Insert (organizer)
  • What is insert (organizer) for board game made of and how

    Our inserts (organizers) are made of: 3 mm plywood (main material), acrylic glass (dividers and decorative things), foam rubber
    All inserts (organizers) we make using CNC laser-cut machines

  • Where to buy insert (organizer) for board game

    We sell our products in our own internet-shop