• What plywood we use in production

    We use birch plywood 2/2, made in Russia. The most of our products we produce of 3 mm plywood

    Plywood with outline engraving

    Plywood with filled engraving

  • Plywood features

    Plywood is a very strong material, the density of which is less than for example by HDF, by 20%. This not only allows our customers to save significant amounts on delivery, but also to transfer the game with a lighter insert (organizer) is much more comfortable
    Plywood has a natural wood look. The surface is not shiny and has a pleasant, slightly rough texture. Engraving on plywood looks very contrasting and stylish
    One of the interesting features of plywood is the ability to stain it. If desired, each customer can independently customize his insert (organizer) at minimal cost.

    The shade of plywood can vary from very light brown (also called white) to pinkish
    In production, we try to make one product from uniform plywood so that the parts do not differ externally

    We carefully send plywood, it becomes smooth, but does not lose texture