Insert for Scythe - Collector edition

Organizer for Scythe - Collector edition


Scythe. It's an imposingly large game with impressive giant mechs battles! What do you need for the games such volumetric in their set? Right! You need your friends awake while the most experienced player starts to prepare the game field. There are a LOT of game components: some tokens here, some characters there, and here's one more card pile and - oh my! - you need to store it, and separate it, and lay it out...Everyone knows about this boardgamer's nightmare. But we have a solution!
GameFit presents you an insert that will solve all these problems. Now you don't need to get ready for gaming for such a long time because all the game elements are sorted and placed into mini-inserts - just pick your color - and all you need is to take your little box out of original box and that's it! Let the battle begin!

An insert's set contains mini-boxes, wisely settled in Scythe's original box, dividing game's elements by categories. So there's a special boxes for fractions, resourses, buildings, meeples, mechs and heroes. Cards are divided by their purposes, so are tokens and game bank has its own little box too of course. So how does pre-game stage looks like? We took out boxes, each player gets his/her own fraction set, starting set of money/tokens/cards and the adventure begins! Go ahead and conquer the alternative Eastern Europe.
The bank box layout is worth some more words: it is divided into cells for different coins and it these cells have slope bottoms so that all coins stay as one pile and are ready to jump into your hands.

The insert works with base Scythe and its expansion. It's made of 3 mm plywood shipped as several plywood sheets, so you just press out the details. It's easy to build without any tools, spike joints are rather strong but we recommend to apply a few drops of glue.

Main characteristics:

  • Category: Inserts
  • Material: Plywood, Plexiglass
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • W x D x H: 352 x 287 x 71 (mm)


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