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Insert for Fallout

Organizer for Fallout


Insert for Fallout that will make your game S.P.E.C.I.A.L. :)

- A lot of beautifull engravings on plywood and on acrylic glass.
- 4 acrylic player boards with plywood back plate.
- Holder for the miniatures,especially convinience for ones who like to color them.
- 2 cardholders for big and small cards.
- Holder for hexes.
- 1 box with resizable trays.

Compatible with sleeved cards.
For base game only.

Main characteristics:

  • Category: Inserts
  • Material: Plywood, Plexiglass
  • Weight: 1.35 kg
  • W x D x H: 286 x 286 x 69 (mm)


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41.04 $
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