Insert for Terraforming Mars

Organizer for Terraforming Mars

Main characteristics:

  • Type: Inserts
  • Material: Plywood, Plexiglass
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • W x D x H: 286 x 286 x 069 (mm)


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$ 34.28 Made to order


Total: 34.28 $
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In most cases the organic glass has a thin plastic cover to protect the glass when it is being transported from factories to customers. This cover is to be carefully removed. Please do not use knives for that purpose.


Very convenient and stylish organizer.

Suitable for expansions: Venus, Hellas & Elysium, Prelude, Colonies

If used with Hellas & Elysium expansion the lid will lift up on the height of the field.

Compatible with sleeves till 93.5 x 66 mm.
Thickness of each deck of cards in sleeves must be smaller than 61 mm (insert has 3 tray for decks).

Player boards.
In the kit to the organizer are player boards, the material of which you choose yourself. They are needed to protect the original player boards and add convenience to the game.

Acrylic player board are an overlay and a plywood plate. The original player board is securely fasten between the cover plate and the plate.

The plywood player board is made entirely of plywood and completely replaces the original player board.

Acrylic tokens.
- 5 rating markers (for each player)
- First player marker
- Oxygen marker
- Temperature marker
- Turns marker
- Venus marker

Promo cards.
2 unofficial promo cards of the corporation from Gamefit and GameBoxAdvanced. Released in a limited series only in Russian language.

All additional options are also sold separately, but bundled with the organizer, the price is lower.