Dice tower - Twilight imperium: Fourth Edition

Dice tower - TI4

Main characteristics:

  • Type: Accessories
  • Material: Plywood, Plexiglass
  • Weight: 0.29 kg
  • W x D x H: 209 x 083 x 202 (mm)


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Total: 15.49 $
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In most cases the organic glass has a thin plastic cover to protect the glass when it is being transported from factories to customers. This cover is to be carefully removed. Please do not use knives for that purpose.


Two colors of acrylic glass with logo Twilight Imperium available on your choice - red and blue.

Sleeves are compatible:
Player cards in sleeves till 68x47 mm;
Other cards in sleeves till 70x49 mm;

This dice tower is a part of the insert for Twilight imperium: Fourth Edition, so if you buy the insert and dice tower in the same time , you'll get two dice towers!