Insert for Game of Thrones 2nd edition + 3 expansions

Organizer for Game of Thrones 2ed + 3 expansions


For this insert "Mother of Dragons" Expansion is a must. Other expansions or their lack do not impact fitting insert elements.

If you don't have "Mother of Dragons" expansion we recommend another version of the insert -

Compatible with base game and expansions:
- A Dance With Dragons;
- A Feast for Crows;
- Mother of Dragons;

Game box lid may lift a little.

Set includes:
- 8 houses trays. For power tokens, victory point token, plastic units, supply tokens, order tokens, sea order tokens, loyalty tokens, garrison.
- Additional tray for tokens of house of Targaryen.
- Tray for vassal order tokens, area improvement/degradation tokens, dragon strength tokens, neutral force tokens, threat token.
- Cardholder for tides of battle cards and loan cards. You can use sleeves till 66x44 mm.
- Cardholder with acrylic dividers for house cards, vassal house cards, wildling cards, westeros cards, objective cards.You can use sleeves till 94x60 mm. Permissible thickness vary for each card deck type. Each house cards deck thickness till 9 mm, objective cards deck till 14 mm, westeros cards deck till 5.3 mm.

Main characteristics:

  • Category: Inserts
  • Material: Plywood, Plexiglass
  • Weight: 0.92 kg
  • W x D x H: 288 x 288 x 41 (mm)


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